Now that we’re all decided about moving to Thailand, the quest to sell the flat and organise our trip has begun in earnest. The first step has been to have the flat valued, and the results have been very positive, suggesting we might expect up to £250,000, which is incredible. We paid £180,000 for it less than 3 years ago, so making £70k on it by doing not much at all is always good news.

Now we need to get the flat ready for the market – finishing off niggly cosmetic jobs, doing the tasks we’ve put off for months, and choose a firm of solicitors to represent us. We’ve had tradesmen in giving quotes, some dates in the diary and have arranged a date to move all our unnecessary furniture into storage -this Friday!

Part and parcel of all this, however, has been rehoming our pets. We’ve been really lucky in finding people who are prepared to take Sari and Cara on a temporary basis, and a family who want Loki, but only permanently as they have a child. In fact, I was absent from training tonight because me and Kal took the not-as-long-as-we-anticipated trip to Broxburn to introduce Sari to her new foster home. The man taking her seems a true animal lover, very kind and caring and I’m sure she’ll be well looked after, but it’s a very sad thing to do. I’m hoping that by the end of the week Cara and Loki will have homes to go to, and may already even be in them within a week.

Once that is done, the major work in the flat can take place and we will hopefully be on the market by the end of April at the latest. After that it’s Visas, plane tickets and continuing to learn Thai and we will have done everything we can do. Fingers crossed, touch wood, weather permitting etc etc, we will sell the flat for a decent price without too much delay and be able to leave for Thailand in July with all our debts paid, money in the bank and nothing to tie us down for a year.