We’ve been trying to rehome the pets recently in advance of doing up the flat for sale and to make sure there was plenty of time to iron out any kinks with their new fosterers. Just as well, really.

Sari had been homed with a nice man who already owned a Maine Coon, and treated her though she were royalty, which suited me down to the ground, as Sari deserves similar treatment. When Kal and I dropped her off there she seemed happy and settled quickly and we were confident the only problem I’d have would be convincing her to come home again. Sadly, it appears that War has broken out and Sari has been politely, but firmly asked to leave. Mr Paul is going to have to collect her today when he gets home after our trip Up North, and is not entirely a happy chappy. On the plus side, my mum and dad have agreed to take her, so it all works out for the best.

Cara also had appeared sorted with a friend but that’s also a no-go, so we are meeting two women on Sunday who are interested in her and we will see if either is suitable. I’d obviously far prefer that she come and live with my Dad in his Big Huge House in the middle of nowhere with tons of land, but as he’s already caring for my elderly dog, Missy and has a new and very lively rottweiler pup called Meg, his hands are already pretty full.

Loki has a new family in Musselburgh who seem lovely and he seems to have settled in well, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for a while as, if recent events are anything to go by, you just never know…