OK, lovely Aarayan has been nagging me to post here seeing as it is *our* blog so I guess I’d better start before she puts on her fight face (and before I’m faced with a mountain of topics to cover).

Things have moved so fast on this little adventure that it’s getting fairly whelming to be honest. Not yet overwhelming but definitely pushing the boundaries of whelmhood. It seems like we’ve gone from fairly settled, if a tad unhappy, to over-the-moon, uber-excited, what-the-sam-hell-are-we-doing in the space of a couple of weeks. In the past week alone I’ve applied for a 4-week intensive CertTESOL course, moved a ton of our belongings into storage in preparation for sorting the flat out and – joy of joys – quit my job!

The course (TEFL by any other name) sounds like it’s going to be interesting, difficult and a tad scary all at once. I wandered into the offices last Thursday for a chat and an informal introductory interview with very little idea of what it all entailed. After a bit of banter with the staff (“Philosophy degree? Haha, what a waste of time” – couldn’t agree more) they start getting into the meat of the course and I started thinking “Uh-oh, this is actual proper stuff.”

To fill you in I spent a year in Australia after I finished Uni and decided to go down the random job route rather than tying myself to a particular desk/bar/restaurant as many of my traveling buddies ended up doing. The end result of this was a CV which includes chopping wood, creating mosaics, renovating shops and – the icing on the cake – clearing out a squat of all signs of junkie habitation. Yup, moving stiff clothes, stiffer mattresses, family photos, heart-wrenching poems, countless faeces and about 1,500 needles – that’s AFTER the official needle clean-up crew had spent 2 days going over the place. Then there was the joy of watching the owners of said detritus scramble through the needle-laden skips to retrieve their possessions (and leftover smack). Movie buffs, you can see the building in The Castle – it’s the old ABC Studios across the road from the actual courts in Melbourne!

Anyway, the year was very much filled with random and generally fun employment, forever colouring my vision of what every single year out must be like. Not so with teaching English. I’m going to be doing all the obvious work in terms of perfecting my own grammar, getting put in classroom situations, getting one-on-one training, etc. On top of that there’s the scary bits like needs analysis. I’ll actually be given one of their students to interview and on the basis of the interview I have to pin-point where their English skills are lacking, construct a lesson plan to fix this and then actually deliver it! I’m only a frickin’ computer-monkey! I know nothing of teaching! I can’t do this in the space of four week! AAAARGH!

*Calms down, gains perspective, thinks of Kal at Paramedic College and Hamish at Fire College*

So that’s that. In two months I start the course and four weeks later I’ll be an English teacher and we’ll be set to blow this fascist popsicle stand and head to the great unknown. Okay, the very much known but still extremely cool.

Will ramble on about storage and job-quittage in the near future…