Then don’t use Able Flooring of Pilton Avenue in Edinburgh. Seriously.

These guys sanded our floors months ago and over the course of time Cara managed to claw them to pieces, hence the need for us to call them up to get the varnish renewed before selling the flat. It turns out that what we had experienced was far from normal wear and tear, rather they’d been experimenting with a new brand of varnish which had turned out to be utterly useless. At least they admitted this and offered to do the job for the cost of materials since it was never done properly in the first place, a saving of £1k+ is pretty handy right now.

The job was meant to be done last week. It’s still not done.

They cancelled initially due to a driver being in hospital and have since fobbed us off again and again. Today I was an hour late for work because they failed to turn up on time, only to claim that they didn’t know I was waiting for them. How the hell did they expect to get into the flat? Now they’re saying it’ll be tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath. We’ve been living in a bombsite for the past week because of these guys, all our non-stored furniture is piled up in the living room and we’re sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

Part of me says to go more easy on them because their boss, who’s actually a nice guy, is under a lot of pressure and is having staff problems. Meh. Those problems are his, not mine. My problem is that I’ve been kept waiting for a week, Sarah has nowhere in the flat to properly chill out after work and we can’t get other work done till this is out of the way. That is very much his problem too. Will post again tomorrow if they up. If they don’t it’s clobberin’ time…