Well, Sarah phoned the flooring fucknuts constantly yesterday, probably averaging over one call and text per hour, till finally giving up at 9pm. No replies whatsoever, no indication that they were going to turn up at all. We made the decision that I would wait till 8:30 to see if they turned up and, as expected, there was no sign of them. Before leaving I gave them a final call saying I’m on my way to work, I have spare keys with me but the first thing I’m doing on reaching the office is looking for one of their competitors to take over.

Surprise, surprise, I get a text within a minute saying they promise they’ll be there tomorrow. What? Are we meant to think their promises are worth anything at all after a week of “I promise we’ll be there tomorrow”? Well, he says he has no other jobs tomorrow so this is the last chance. We’re particularly unhappy because Sarah’s mum is staying over tonight after graciously agreeing to pick up Cara and Sari and look after them for a year. Looks like we’ll have to spring for a B&B for her, otherwise she’ll be sleeping on the floor. On top of that we have people coming to do the windows tomorrow so they’ll be getting under each others’ feet.

Able Flooring are going to pay for this if they ever turn up – they’re only charging us £150 altogether for materials but they’re damn well going to refund us everything we’ve had to spend in terms of kennels and accommodation over the past week. Will do another update tomorrow when, hopefully, the flat will be in a liveable state and we’ll almost be at the point where we can put it on the market.

Grr. Anger, etc.

On the bright side me and Sarah were able to go to Lanna Thai in Musselburgh for a lovely meal yesterday since we didn’t have to move furniture. Chicken Panang is truly one of the most awesomest dishes I’ve ever had and we sampled a really light, crisp Thai white wine. The staff there are incredibly friendly (Sarah’s Thai skills helped!) and the only bad thing about the place is that they don’t do the fabled Banana Roti. Can’t wait to get out to Thailand, I’m going to come back looking like Ric god-damn Waller. Oh yeah.