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Well, they came on Saturday and covered half of the floors in varnish. Did they do a good job? Well, they did exactly what it says on the tin but to be honest the kitchen floor still looks like shit. Never mind, we could always tell them that on Sunday morning when they come to finish the rest. Except…

Of course they didn”t turn up. How could we possibly expect them to get out of bed for us on a Sunday? Except for Mark saying “We’ll be there on Sunday to finish the other rooms”? So Sarah called/texted them (they have an aversion to actual vocal contact with customers apparently) and laid the smacketh down, saying that they’re fired, we’re going to their competitors and we’re going to spread the world about their level of service. Cue much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Mark so now they’re on their Last Chance Ever. Tomorrow they come to finish, they’re doing it completely free of charge and I’m taking a day off work to make sure it’s done properly and completely*. We’d have gone for someone else straight away but we’re really tight for time now so we need it done ASAP.

If it doesn’t happen then we already have someone lined up to finish the job and believe me, they’ll get the full story about how we’ve been dicked around. How we’ve been living in a bombsite for 10 days because of Able Flooring. How we’ve shelled out over £100 in kennel fees because of Able Flooring. How we had to put Sarah’s mum up in a B&B at the cost of £60 because of, you guessed it, Able Flooring. And Able Flooring will find out what happens to Google search results when someone writes repeated blog posts containing their name and manages to get some decent links to the posts from other blogs and websites. What do you know, I actually learned something after spending 6 years at an internet marketing company.

Last chance boys, best make it count…

* Okay, so I’ll mostly be playing Warcraft and drinking coffee. It’s a day off, I’ll do what the hell I like 🙂

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