I can scarcely believe it, but after a mere 18 days and 10 cancellations, the floors are done!

Ok; they don’t look amazing, ok; they did the bare minimum, but who even cares any more? We can get into the kitchen! This has not been possible for the last week because our 3-piece suite has been in there along with all our many books, 3 tables, 4 chairs and 2 stools. Should I desire, I could even wash some clothes, or cook a meal – I am truly blessed.

We also now have the rather exciting development of having 2 functioning bedrooms – each with an actual bed and furniture in it. By the end of tomorrow, we will have finished the flat. We will have waxed our beautiful new doors, put up pictures and dressed the rooms so that it looks like “they’ve always been bedrooms, honest gov” and by a week on Monday we’ll be in scary-ass phase 2

On The Market.

The phrase “the market” never used to hold much fear for me – I found, and still find, property deeply exciting – I quite enjoy conducting viewings, and I know a fair bit about how to sell a house, mostly thanks to my father.

My father used to be an officer in the Royal Marines, and attached to the SBS, which has attained him an almost mythical status amongst boyfriends and male friends as being a deeply terrifying human being. Let’s face it, what boy in his right mind is going to take advantage of a girl who’s father used to be  a Marine Commando? Of course, I tended to omit the teeny, insignificant fact that my father is now a pacifict, non-violent Buddhist… mwahahaha 🙂

After Dad left the Marines, presumably because I was due, he tried a variety of jobs, like running a toy shop which he continued until I was about 5 (hell yeah, baby!), kitchen designer, insurance sales-man, and latterly developed a deep interest in Psychology, completing his Degree through the OU several years ago. He hated all these stupid jobs and did them partly as a way to contribute towards the family income and partly to be busy, but throughout all of that he more than contributed by learning how to project-manage a build houses.

Dad has managed to ensure a degree of financial stability for himself and Mum which could never have been achieved through normal jobs, by building and selling houses. He would buy a plot, build a house (or hire other people to build the house) and sell it 3 or 4 years later for a profit. He did this 4  times before building the final home where he an Mum now live in Aberdeenshire, and I’ve picked up alot of knowledge about how to prepare, dress and sell houses.

Another, less positive, side-effect is that I’ve never lived anywhere for longer than 3 years, and have in fact lived in…  *counts on fingers… and toes*… 9 homes with my parents, and 6 flats as an adult. Every time I get to that 3 year mark I can’t help my start trawling the ESPC, looking for a new place to live. Surprise surprise, we’ve lived in this flat for 2 and a half years…

However, “The Market” now scares the crap out of me. It sounds increasingly like the title of a horror movie.

House prices are no longer rising at the same rate, flats aren’t selling, interest rates are doing… something bad, and our ability to go to Thailand depends entirely on whether or not the flat sells.

There’s a lot riding on this, and a lot that could go wrong. But we’ve done absolutely everything we can to make the flat desireable, as you’ll see when I post a link to the schedule next week

Fingers crossed…