Technically this is not about moving to Thailand per se, but it is directly linked, honest gov.

On Sunday 6th July I will be fighting in Edinburgh – my first home fight. Not only am I fighting in Edinburgh..

I’m fighting in Portobello Town Hall. Now that is a home fight.

The show’s being put on by the perennially wonderful Ally, my trainer and will be new territory for him as this is his first promotion of his own, having been our Chief Instructor’s right-hand man for 14 years.

“What does this have to do with me?” you might ask.

Well, you might, but I credit you with more intelligence that that. Obviously, I want you to come and watch! I want youu to buy a ticket, and I want you to make your friends buy a ticket, and ideally I want these tickets to be bought from MEEEEEEEEEE 🙂

I want you to come, with your friends, have a great afternoon, experience Muay Thai, scream like fuck to support me and the other SMTC fighters, and for everybody to have a jolly time. I want to win said fight, have sold enough tickets for Ally to help make sure the show’s a success, and bugger off to Thailand with my head held high and another win under my belt.

But never let it be said that I don’t think of you guys as well. Mostly, more than all those things, I want you to do the right thing – to have pride in yourselves, perhaps for the first time in your liiiiiiiiiiives! (Kal: Charpeeleye!)

Yeah, that’s what this is about. Sure.

Anyway, if you are interested in tickets, leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you with a big smile, a spiritual hug and some good karma, just for you.

And whilst I’m begging, this show needs sponsors – if you own or work for a company who might be prepared to sponsor the club a few quid in return for a free ticket or two and some advertising, get in touch and I’ll be your bestest friend forever.

Pwomise 🙂