It is officially two weeks today until we leave for Thailand. At this stage it’s still looking like it’s happening, although the flat remains resolutely un-sold, and the loan is still being considered by the Gods (Norton Finance).

At the moment, I look alot like this:

I\'m assuming this is what a terrified pigeon looks like...

But I’m hiding it under a swan-like layer of calm. A swan who has been shot at, plucked, subjected to 4 hours of non-stop Bjork CDs and the Director’s cut of “Four weddings and a Funeral”.

So far, we’ve cancelled most of the things we have to cancel, we’ve both got Visas, Paul’s passed his TEFL course, I’m finished teaching, the storage is booked and the loan application remains pending. Still to do, and very important, are finding friends to help do the viewings while we’re away, and of course the Big Move. Buuuuuuuuuums.

Sitting between myself and sanity looms my fight against Hayley Thomson from Fighting Fit Gym in Fife. In order to cut weight I am doing things no woman should have to do: eschewing all chocolate, and … food in general; wearing a sweat suit; doing millions of hours of exercise and, if you can believe it, having TWO colonic irrigations.

Shit. As it were.

Yes. I tell you this because…. you might find it funny. I know Paul does. I’m praying Ally, my trainer, doesn’t read this blog because I can’t see him ever letting this one go if he find out… (Ally, I’ll just remind you – you have shiny nails and you know how to put on a bra – we’re square. Also, if you don’t tell John I will buy you 4 packets of M&S chocolate covered popcorn. )

We also have our leaving party to arrange, and the lovely Kal is coming to stay for a few days while he moves house, so it’s all go.

We’ll keep you posted

Sarah x