I promise to continue “The Story of Sarah”, interesting as I’m sure you find it, but I should probably return briefly to the real purpose of the blog and let you know what is actually happening with our pesky life-changing decision.

Well, if I say that I’ve spent the day not buying flip-flops and bikinis, not buying SPF30 suncream, and not learning Thai, but creating a CV for temping jobs, what will that tell you?

Yup, I can tell that you’re the clever type. You will, almost certainly, have gathered from that that things? They do not go swimmingly.

Norton Fucking Finance are supposed to be handling our loan application. They’ve lost our payslips. Oh, no problem – just send them copies and this month’s one as well… This month’s…? From this month? Can’t. No job. No pay slip.

The flat? Not sold. Not even a little bit. I rang our solicitor today to find out what it will cost to wheech it off the market and enquired about the state of The Market – you know… any improvement there? Nope. Not at all – housing companies and solicitors are looking at lay-offs. “People just aren’t buying”, she told me.

It’s grrrrrrrrrrreat! As Tony the Tiger might say. If he were here. (God, I wish Tony the Tiger were here.)

So, to recap: no money, no jobs, no flat sale.

As such, we have few choices.

1 – If the loan comes through, then fair enough, we can go. And then we can either leave the flat on the market and pray that it sells, or we can rent it out and pray that the mortgage company don’t find out.

2 – If the loan doesn’t come through, we can’t go until the flat sells, if it sells. We get crappy jobs to cover our bills and wait.

3 – We give up all together and get proper jobs and never get to do this.

Answers on a back of a post-card, please.

S x