Is it still fair to describe this as a blog about moving to Thailand if you have no plans to move to Thailand?

We’ve cancelled our plane tickets, very painful as it was, and are in the process of looking for shitty jobs to pay our way with until the flat sells…. whenever that will be.

I have an interview tomorrow for some job or other, something thoroughly boring and irrelevant, for which I was required to buy a cheap suit today. Now, how to cover up the ENORMOUS black eye… Paul is doing training this week for a job teaching English part time, which at least is relevant to his qualification and might prove useful for the future.

Sadly I can’t bring myself to say much entertaining or funny, because not much entertaining or funny is happening at the moment. I’m a bit ill after my fight: my body’s noticed what I’ve just done to it and it responding with a cold/concussion tag-team effort, but I’m still chuffed to bits about the win. as soon as I have some pictures or a video, I’ll point you towards it

Promise I’ll come back with some stories, and maybe even some good news soon.

S x