I promise I do have proper things to write about, but I felt that this was very, very important.

I am a bruiser.

In both meanings of the word: I’m a big lassie, kind of stocky and with something of a leaning towards controlled, sanctioned violence. I’m also a person who bruises really easily.

Bruising like a peach isn’t ideal when you’re a fighter, because you permanently look like a battered wife, but it does make for some awesome, kaleidoscopic-looking bruises of which a girl can, if she’s a bit weird, be proud.

That said, I have a new bruise. Right in the centre of my forehead.

My challenge to you is to guess how the hell I got it. Only one clue is needed – it’s got NOTHING to do with Muay Thai.

In the vein of the wonderful Kal and his WCCGOHH competition, ingenuity and creativity will be welcomed, but so will correct answers.

Now, it seems a tad risky setting forth a challenge like this when I’ve only had a total of about 6 comments in the last 6 months, but I know you lot are out there. I’ve got BlogStats, don’t think I don’t! I know there’s about 30 of you reading this each day, sometimes more, so…


S x