It’s all a bit American, I know, but I’m currently having… therapy. Yes. I have a therapist. But, BUT – he’s a Cognitive Behavioural Psychologist, so it’s not all airy-fairy and fluffy. It’s proper, no-nonsense, hardcore therapy… Am I fooling anyone here?

Anyway, I’ve been a total misery recently what with all the life-falling-to-bits that’s been going on, and Tony The Therapist advised me to find something, anything to cling on to for my sake. “Be selfish”, he said. “Your mental health is paramount, so do anything it takes to make yourself happy”.

I realised one of the things getting me so down at the moment is the lack of structure in my life. Remember? Unemployed? Broke? Ok, I’ll get to start work soon, but when? And I have a fight scheduled, but not for another 6 weeks.

So, yesterday I decided to set myself some little, fun goals and accordingly signed up for Pedal for Scotland – a 50 mile bike race from Glasgow to Edinburgh on the 14th of September, during which I’ll be raising money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

I could have stopped there, I suppose, but then what would happen after my fight on the 28th September? I’d just have nothing to do again. Nope, I needed something to aim for after the fight to keep me ticking over. So, I signed up for Run for Relief on the 4th October- a charity 5K run to raise money for aid in Burma. I toyed with the idea of doing the Great North Run but it’s quite far and right after the fight, so I thought 5k would be more manageable with sore legs.



But, but that’s only 5K, and so soon after the fight that I still run the risk of doing my usual and getting all fat without a fight on the horizon.

So… I signed up to do a 10K British Military Fitness race in the Pentland Hills on the 1st November.


That’s actually quite far. I’ve never run  that far before. I’ve never run in the Pentlands before.

Uh oh.

Well, I wanted something to aim for…. and now I’ve got it!

Careful what you wish for.

Oh, and?

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