This weekend I took myself off home for a weekend of peace and cycling.

It’s not often I get to cycle for pleasure, generally I use it for getting from A to B, and the aim of the game is to get there as quickly as possible without getting killed. My parents, however, live in the middle of nowhere and this gives me a perfect excuse to cycle for cycling’s sake, and also to train for September’s Pedal for Scotland.

Unfortunately, coming home often also means navigating the mine-field of inter-familial relations, top of the bill being why I care so much about Muay Thai, when it does so little for me in return.

“Because I could be good at it, if I had the chance”, is my response

“But… will it earn you any money?” Dad seems bemused

“No, not much, maybe a bit if I could get to Thailand”

“You need a better work/play balance” Meaning: more work, less play.

This discussion gave me the impetus I needed to get out the door and cycle my wobbly little butt off until I was too tired to be angry and upset, so in that sense it was useful, but I know there are some people who will never understand why something which seems like little more than an out-of-control hobby.

Is it so ridiculous that I see Muay Thai both as work and play?

Admittedly, it’s a kind of job where I actually have to pay money to be there, and which gives me little in return but bruises and injuries to parts of me I consider quite important, such as ligaments, spinal discs and bones, etc. So, not a standard sort of job then.

But, that doesn’t stop it from being important to me. I have in the past been too sick to go to work but still gone to training because, to be frank, it’s more important to me than my job.

Am I going to be a World Champion? Err…… no, I doubt it, not unless ALOT of people are involved in sudden, unlikely accidents, but I don’t see that as being any reason not to try for the highest level of success that I am capable of.

Which is…?

Fucked if I know.

That’s the whole point for me of going to Thailand.

I’ve done my part, and I continue to do so, and all I need in the meantime are a few things:

1 – Support or Silence: if people can’t say anything nice, they shouldn’t say anything at all.

2 – Luck: I need my flat to sell, or I need a substantial amount of money to fall into my lap.

3 – Staying power: I need to be able to ride this out till the situation changes, and do what I can to turn it to my advantage. Easier said than done.

By the way, anyone with any fantasmagorical (nice word) ideas about where I can lay my hands on either a buyer for my flat, or £15k to get me to Thailand: speak now, or…. later, whatever’s good for you!