I've got *much* more persuasive pictures than this - keep reading.

I've got *much* more persuasive pictures than this in this post - keep reading.

The date for Pedal for Scotland draws ever closer, and I must say Paul is working his little boy-butt off training for it! I, of course, am… errr… generally, of course, fit and… well.

I’m doing it, of course – squished flower or no (seriously – I have to buy cycling shorts. They may look like a nappy, but they protect your front *and* back bottoms! Bargain!).

Of course, as I’m training for Pedal for Scotland, I’m also training for my fight on the 28th of September, my 5k running race on the 4th October, and desperately trying to remember why the hell I thought a 10k British Military Fitness race through the Pentlands on the 1st November seemed such a good idea.

As such, I’m back into my semi-disordered-eating, weight-cutting phase, which involves a painfully (if not actually dangerously) low calorie diet of around 1100 calories per day and no extra for exercise, which usually tots up to between 600 and 1000 calories per day, depending on… well, how lazy I am. I’ll generally cycle the 3 or so miles to work, work, then an hour in the gym and a class or swim if I have time, then off to training to hit the pads. And usually the pads hit me back.

This is the month where I go through weight watchers soup as though it were actually enjoyable, piles of salad, and chicken breast by the truckload. It is far from fun, but very effective.

The upshot of the first event, Pedal for Scotland, is that Paul and I are raising money for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. I’ve had my own history with depression and your run-of-the-mill mental health issues, as has Paul, and we have family members with mental health issues. So, raising money and awareness of just how common mental health problems are, and how to seek help, is something I think is important. And *I* wear the trousers round here, so that’s what we’re doing ;p (sorry Paul!)

Here’s our Just Giving page – I hope that some of you might think about donating a little bit to a good cause – Just Do It! Every Little Helps! And other stolen, copyrighted slogans as well!


To sweeten the deal, I’ve attached some pictures which might put you in the giving frame of mind:

1 – For those of you who like puppies

This puppy *really* wants you to donate.

This puppy might *die* if you don't donate. No pressure.

2 – For those of you more into hot guys

I think it's pretty likely that this guy, or someone like him, would be more likely to fancy you if you donated...

I think he, or someone who looks just as good will fancy you if you donate.

3 – For people who like women volleyball players’ bums:

She is *definitely* into charitable types...