Paul and Sarah Adams come from Scotland, where they specialised in demonstrating how to have a singularly normal life. They had two cats, called Loki and Sari, a dog called Cara and a pair of jobs which weren’t fitting the bill. They have been married since 21st July 2006, and been together since 10th December 2002, and generally quite like each other. Sometimes.

Early in 2008, following a really difficult year for Sarah at her work and yet another uninspiring year for Paul at his, they decided it was time to make a change. Having already decided to sell their house, they realised they were young, child-free and cash-rich (temporarily) and if they were ever going to do something interesting it would have to be now and so, inspired by Sarah’s passion for Muay Thai, they decided to up-sticks and head to the Land of Smiles for a year.

This may turn out to be a guide to ruining your life and marriage, losing tens of thousands of pounds and ending up coming back within 6 months with your tail between your legs.

Hopefully it will be their account of what it takes to make the move to Thailand, follow your dreams and make a change.