Sarah in Thailand

Sarah Birch was born on 23rd June 1983 in Inverness, in the Highlands of Scotland. She went to stay at St Mary’s Music School in Edinburgh at the age of 16, where she studied her main instruments. (piano, voice and violin).

Having completed her studies she went to Newcastle University to study Music, Philosophy and Classics before realising that Newcastle is a complete shite hole and returning to Edinburgh. She enrolled at Edinburgh University to do a Bachelor of Music (hons) degree and had a great time living with her fantastic friends from the Black Isle before meeting and moving in with Paul.

Following her graduation from Edinburgh University in 2006, and her wedding to Paul in July, Sarah went to Moray House to work towards a PGDE certificate in Primary Teaching, which she completed in June 2007. She graduated and worked for a year as a teacher before deciding to take a break.

Whilst living in Edinburgh, Sarah performed regularly as a singer-songwriter before committing all her free time to her one true love…. Muay Thai (sorry Paul!). Sarah hopes that a year in Thailand will give her an opportunity to find out what she can achieve in the sport and vastly improve her fitness and technique. She also hopes to learn to speak passable Thai and come back to Scotland with an idea of what she really wants to do next.

Paul Adams once went to see Suicidal Tendencies in Brussels and somehow ended up backstage afterwards but unfortunately did not get to meet Mike Muir due to Mike’s chronic back problems playing up. Not to mention the fact that his bandmates couldn’t understand the drunken Scots babbling. On the plus side he has met Freddie Krueger, the Candyman, Pinhead and Herschell Gordon Lewis; Bruce Campbell is obviously next on the list.
Paul looking handsome